Andrew P. Brown's Online Portfolio

About me:

I am currently a junior at Pennsylvania College of Technology and am enrolled in the Information Technology Sciences - Gaming and Simulation (BGS) major and Business Administration (MBS) minor.

Courses already taken:

Fall 2014:

First Year Experience (FYE101)
Introduction to Programming (CIT160)
Introduction to Database (CIT180)
Information, Technology, and Society (CSC124)
English Composition I (ENL111)
College Algebra and Trigonometry I (MTH180)

Spring 2015:

Introduction to Gaming and Simulation (CIT112)
Introduction to Networking (CIT171)
Programming II (CIT260)
Technical and Professional Communication (ENL201)

Summer 2015:

College Algebra (MATH 103) @ HACC
College Trigonometry (MATH 104) @ HACC

Fall 2015:

Database Development (CIT280)
Gaming and Simulation Design Principles I (CIT114)
Fundamentals of Information Security (CIT230)
Principles of Management (MGT115)
Basic Fitness Training (FIT175)
Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACC113)

Spring 2016:

Gaming and Simulation 3D Modeling (CIT212)
Gaming and Simulation Design Principles II (CIT214)
Discrete Structures in Computer Applications (CIT243)
Elementary Statistics with Computer Applications (MTH160)
Free-Weight Training (FIT174)
Interpersonal Communication (SPC201)

Summer 2016:

United States History I (HIST 103) @ HACC
United States History II (HIST 104) @ HACC

Fall 2016:

Introduction to UNIX/Linux (CIT240)
System Analysis I (CIT246)
PL/SQL Programming (CIT284)
Data Structures and Algorithms (CIT360)
Networking I (EET145)
Networking I Lab (EET145L)

Spring 2017:

Game Programming (CIT216)
Mobile Game Design and Programming (CIT312)
Web Systems and Technologies (CIT351)
Networking II (EET245)
Networking II Lab (EET245L)
College Physics I (PHS115)